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How to do site analysis

Website promotion is a painstaking business. After creating a new resource, the user usually starts working with competitors. This stage is considered by many to be useless, but it is better not to neglect it.

Competitor analysis

Why is this stage so important? The example of competitors' work gives a complete picture of the demand and the market. When starting your own business, it is important to set someone as an example. And usually the benchmark is the big leaders. Of course, reaching their heights is sometimes simply unrealistic. But you still need to analyze the site. It is worth seeing how other sites dealt with issues with cataloging, structuring and advertising placement, so as not to make popular mistakes in the future.


Competitors found? Is it theoretically possible to defeat them? Then it is worth moving on to the analysis of the site. There are many examples of the algorithm, but for simplicity, there is a step-by-step instruction suitable for sites of any subject. It is problematic to carry out a high-quality audit in a few hours, you need to allocate more time. Some processes generally require several days - this is the only way to collect accurate information. It is required to analyze:

  • usability;
  • website structure;
  • content;
  • the work of the service;
  • meta tags;
  • HTML code.

This refers to the universal algorithm of actions. Some criteria are performed manually, some can be analyzed using auxiliary tools.

Site structure

Structure comes first. And not at all because the parameter is more important than the others. It's just that the site design is what attracts visitors in the first place. The structure is easier to analyze manually. Everything is simple here: you need to go to the selected site, inspect its elements. First of all, they pay attention to the content of the main page, the presence of the menu, the logic of the presentation of materials.


An important parameter for promoting any site. The convenience of visitors directly depends on this parameter. It includes:

  • text content;
  • design;
  • clear interface;
  • harmonious arrangement of all buttons.

It is worthwhile to carry out the analysis manually, because this is a subjective matter. And it is worth remembering that the techniques used on someone else's website may not work on a personal one. So after any changes you need to keep track of the statistics.


Key audit parameters. Where without it! Can be worked out manually and with tools. Someone might say that content is already a secondary matter. But no. Competent texts will start working right away. It is worth studying a competitor's resource, looking at the texts, keywords for them. Example: you produce clothes. It is worth creating a page with articles and fashion news on the site. You can analyze the content of a competitor's website using the resource. This service has the necessary tools for auditing the resource.

Semantic core

This item has a large scope of work. The semantic core is a set of keywords - by which the site is promoted. Usually a junior optimizer or copywriter works on it. Much will depend on the SEO requirements and the number of pages. It is recommended to collect at least one hundred words in order to distribute them by frequency and use them in specific texts. Special resources are used to compose the kernel. But you can't do without ingenuity. Example: the site sells children's toys. Therefore, the main keyword will be "children's toys". And then they are already picking up frequency phrases. You can use Wordstat from Yandex and similar services. With a high-quality semantic core, a copywriter will be able to write good texts for the site that will move the site to the top of search engines.

Meta tags

They help structure the metadata. They are usually used in the title. This point also needs to be subjected to careful analysis. Better to do it yourself. For the analysis, auxiliary resources are also used, but not all of them are easy to cope with the task at hand.

HTML code

Correctly written code also affects optimization. It is recommended to run a check to find all errors in the code. Of course, it is fashionable to check only the code of your resource, to strangers - there are no rights. But it also helps to deal with validity.

Service work

You need to check the correct operation of server responses and redirects. Again, the site has the ability to analyze a competitor's site. This will help There it is enough to specify the required URL and start the check. The resource is able to identify critical errors. And you can also find out if the links are correctly distributed and how they work. Many of these resources are shareware. There they allow you to analyze a certain amount of information, and then you will be asked to subscribe.

In general, it is quite possible to analyze the site on your own. You just need free time and the desire to do it. But if you want to create a successful website, then you shouldn't neglect the analysis.